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The Pirate Academy

Children learn how to be a Pirate from Captain Kristina and First Mate Anton with magic and illusions. There is even a bubble performance at the end with a toilet paper cannon for a finale.

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Professor Suds Rockin' Bubble Show

Whimsical music, magical lighting, and wondrous bubble creations will make even the most serious viewer relive the magic of bubbles.  This show is perfect for all ages from child to adult.

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Mad Hatter Tea Party Show

Alice follows the White Rabbit down the rabbit hole to a wondrous magical tea party hosted by The Mad Hatter.

flower for alice 2
Fairy Kristina and Foudini


Puppets Got Talent

A magic contest with 4 puppets competing for your votes to be the winner.  The show is interactive and fun for all ages.

This show can also take on themes of learning such as:  Reading, Confidence, Fair Play, Character Counts, and Problem Solving

Optional lecture about the engineering involved in creating and constructing the puppets for a STEM program.

Fairy Kristina & Friends

Fairy Kristina will introduce you to her puppet friends and discover together how unique and special everyone is for their similarities and differences, likes and dislikes, and what they like to do to have fun!

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Professor Suds Crazy Science Bubbles

Professor Suds creates everything from intricate sculptures to monster bubbles in this exciting and engaging science show.  Teaching points are appropriate for the age of the audience.

Upbeat music and LED lighting enhance the lively atmosphere which culminates in someone being placed inside of a bubble!

Hands-On Bubble Experience Workshop can be added

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Professor Suds Crazy Science Bubble Show