Birthday Parties

We hundreds of birthdays a year with our various services.

Magic Shows

Fairy Magic Show

Puppet Show

Bubble Show

Balloon Twisting

Face Painting

Stage Shows

We have several stage shows for School, Libraries, Day-Cares, and Facilities.

The Pirate Academy

Where the children get to learn how to be a Pirate with magic and Illusions. There is even a bubble performance at the end with a Toilet Paper Cannon for a finale.



Great for the young audience!

Puppets Got Talent

Is Great for the younger audience as it is a Magic Contest with 3 magicians competing for your votes. The show is interactive and fun for all ages.

The audience then votes for and meets their favorite magician.

This show can be adjusted to a learning theme such as.

Confidence, Fair Play, and thinking outside of the box.

We can also lecture about how they came to be and how they are made.


Magical and Science

Professor Suds and his Miracle Bubbles


Crazy Bubble Science Show

Professor Suds creates Magical Miracles with bubble and music. From creating sculptures and monster bubbles this show will make even the most serious viewer relive the magic of bubbles.

In both show there is music and interaction along with putting someone in a bubble.

The Crazy Bubble Science Show has the teaching points designed for the age of the children. Then after the educational portion Professor Science performs his Bubble Miracle to music with finally placing someone in a bubble.

This show can have a workshop attached to it.

Mad Hatter Tea Party

Alice and the Mad Hatter finally get to have Tea!

The Mad Hatter has brewed a special kind of tea.... Bubble Tea!

In this show the Mad Hatter and Alice have tea and create a lot of magic and wonderment. There is the White Rabbit and the Door Mouse who pop into the show.

You will see magic, comedy, and Bubbles!

This is a wonderful show for a young audience. Great for pre-school, libraries, park districts, and young audience events.