Performing for all Ages

We perform for all ages doing our brand of comedy and magic.

At A Real Mad Hatter we are always creating new shows for our audiences.

From birthday parties to the stage we have the perfect show to fit your event.

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Schools, Libraries, Day-cares, and Community Centers

We provide a variety of shows for your young guest and students. We specialize in Day Cares and general audiences. Teaching as we perform our puppet show, pirate show, or our bubble show.

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Stage Shows

We have several stage shows that are great for community houses, cultural centers, community theater, fairs, and festivals.

Pirate Academy

Bubble Miracles

Puppets Got Talent

and more in the works.

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We create wonderful memories


A Real Mad Hatter will be able to provide the entertainment you need with anyone of our wonderful performing services. We have many years of performing experience and have entertain thousands of families in the Midwest.


Let us bring laughter and wonder to your next event.

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