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Our wonderfilled, upbeat, and exciting bubble show engages your students in learning about the science of bubbles.  We utilize music, lighting, comedy, and some special effects to create a positive and fun atmosphere that gets the children practically jumping for joy.

Professor Suds encourages students to apply their knowledge of scientific investigation and reasoning that they have learned in the classroom.  The show involves:

asking questions

planing and conducting simple descriptive investigations

collecting data and making observations using simple tools

communicating observations about simple descriptive investigations

learning that information and critical thinking are used in scientific problem solving

identifying and explaining a problem and proposing a solution

making predictions based on observed patterns

exploring with scientific tools

School Performance

Professor Suds Crazy Science Bubble Show


The Art Expression Show teaches children how to express themselves through art using TEKS.

The performance begins with Anton creating a performance art piece in front of the children to music with high energy.  He uses his own abstract style that he created in 2000 with inspiration from his Native American grandfather who taught him when he was young to find images in nature.  He utilized this style in his own gallery and private commissions from clients. The children will then have the opportunity to learn how to see images in their own abstract drawings.  They will see an image that is recognizable and meaningful to them and their life experiences as individuals, such as an object, face, animal, etc.  

After the demonstration and talk about the inspiration, a piece of blank paper will be given to each child.  They will close their eyes to scribble on the paper using crayons, pencils, pens, or whatever is appropriate to the class and level. They will then use critical thinking and imagination to look for the first object they see. This can be done multiple times on the same abstraction or the entire process can be repeated.

Our belief is that by teaching children to see in abstraction, they will be able to be more confident in their abilities to create and will want to find a healthy way to express themselves.

This technique can be done with feeling or as an exercise to warm up the mind for creative problem solving. We further believe it will help in creating confidence and healthy self-esteem and help with anger, frustrations, and stress, leading to fewer incidents of aggressive behavior such as bullying and emotional outbursts. 

Children and adults many times feel that they must go through rigorous training or have expensive tools to be seen as an artist, but in this style the child or adult will see they can create compelling art using what is on hand along with their own reflective skills.  They will also be inspired to think about how this style could be utilized in creating 3-dimensional art using other tools they may have at home, such as play-doh, clay, blocks, or found objects in nature. This is a fun, meditative, and relaxing practice for the mind.


A Real Mad Hatter has created several programs appropriate for the 2020 Summer Reading Theme of Imagine Your Story.

Mad Hatter Tea Party Show

Fairy Kristina & Friends

The Pirate Academy

Puppets Got Talent


Study shows that access to theatre & drama can boost children’s academic performance

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