Puppet Shows


puppet got talent small file

Kristina is hosting a puppet magic talent show and the audience gets to vote on the winner. Each of the puppets has a problem: the stage hand is having trouble corralling the talent, Foudini is shy about performing, Monster Chef thinks he’s on a cooking show, and Flopperfield is a little too big for his britches. Comedy, magic, audience participation, and Anton’s puppet characters bring this show to life.


Bee Kind Superhero

We would like to believe that life is perfect in Puppetland, but a few of our friends are having some problems. The audience learns how to bee supportive, bee a good listener, bee loving, bee helpful, and bee kind in hearing about and trying to help our puppet friends and their woes. The children do an AMAZING job of making sure they Bee Kind and not bullying in their responses and are proud of themselves as they become better friends.


The Interview

Four characters from classic stories come to be interviewed by Kristina and the audience to set the record straight as to the REAL story behind those tales. We have Bill Der Pig from The Three Little Pigs, Humpty Dumpty, Papa Bear from Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and The Wolf from Little Red Riding Hood. The audience gets to hear a fresh perspective on the stories and realizes that everyone has their own version that may or may not be closer to the truth.


Fairy Kristina and Foudini

Fairy Kristina has invited some of her closest puppet friends to talk to share with the audience. Each puppet has their own unique character and personality and the children learn how to communicate with each one. This show is very interactive with the audience sharing their thoughts, ideas, favorite things, and laughing along with the funny friends.